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Fascinating Life Of George Washington

by Javed Pasha
Life Of George Washington

Life Of George Washington

Life of George Washington was fascinating. He was a leader, soldier, entrepreneur, landowner and the first President of the United States.

He has gained mythical status which is well deserved given the impact he has had on history. Today’s infographic looks at his life including his childhood interests and how they were influenced by his father as well as his early education.

Washington was also a man who enjoyed socialising and dancing with friends like Thomas Jefferson. He was fond of fishing and owned farms at home and in Virginia where he kept cattle, sheep and pigs among other animals.

Washington’s first major public appearance was when he attended the funeral of Sarah Behn, the wife of a wealthy merchant, John Van Hook. The ceremony was held in April 1752 in the city of New York, which marked Washington’s first entrance into society.


Childhood Life Of George Washington

 The childhood of George Washington was not only simple, but also full of fun and excitement.  George Washington was born in Westmoreland County, Virginia, on February 22, 1732. His father died when he was young, so he was raised by his mother Mary Ball Washington. 

Washington loved horses and he learned how to ride them early on in life. He loved animals and had several dogs throughout his childhood years.

Washington’s mother owned a lot of land in Virginia which gave them enough money to live comfortably without having to work very hard at all.

George did not need money because his family owned slaves who would work for them instead of being paid as well as doing other chores around the house such as cleaning or cooking meals for them when they were too busy doing other things like working on the farm or going out into town shopping with friends who lived nearby so they could socialize with one another while they were growing up together during those times when they were younger before they got married later on in life after high school graduation from college time period.”


Middle Age Life Of George Washington

 The middle age years of George Washington were marked by a return to public life, the death of his wife, and the presidency.

Early in 1777, Washington was elected as commander in chief of the Continental Army. He spent much of his time away from Mount Vernon, leading American troops against the British forces.

He also suffered from recurring bouts of malaria. In October 1777, he contracted smallpox and did not return to Mount Vernon until December 1779.

In June 1781, he was finally able to go home for good when the British surrendered at Yorktown.


Educational Life Of George Washington

Washington received his early education from a variety of sources. When he was five years old, he began attending school at a nearby church with his half-brother Lawrence.

After Lawrence died in 1743, Washington continued his studies with local Anglican ministers until his father arranged for him to join the Fredericksburg Academy in 1745.

There he became acquainted with young Tobias Lear who would later become one of Washington’s most trusted advisors and friends.

At age 16 Washington entered William & Mary College in Williamsburg (now known as The College of William & Mary). He studied mathematics, Latin and Greek grammar there for two years before leaving due to financial difficulties.

In 1749 he returned to Virginia where he was offered an opportunity to manage Mount Vernon’s farms; however, after some time he realized that this would not provide enough income so he decided to return to school.


Work Life Of George Washington

Washington’s work life began at an early age. He was born in 1732 on his father’s farm in Westmoreland County, Virginia. As a young man, Washington went to school with the goal of becoming a surveyor like his father.

However, after his father died when Washington was 11 years old, he had to take over the family farm and mill business.

Washington’s experience as a land surveyor led him into military service during the French and Indian War (1754-1763). He fought bravely at Fort Necessity but also suffered defeat at Fort Duquesne (now Pittsburgh).

Afterward, Washington resigned from the army and returned home to Mount Vernon where he married Martha Dandridge Custis.

They had no children together but raised her two children from her previous marriage as their own.

Life Of George Washington


George Washington Achievements

by the Electoral College, George Washington was elected as president. The Electoral College consists of 538 electors, which is made up of 535 voting members and 3 non-voting members (the two living former presidents and vice presidents).

Each state has a number equal to its combined number of representatives in both houses of Congress (House and Senate), plus one for each senator, regardless of population – though this method would not be used until 1804.

As a young man, Washington was an officer in the British colonial militia, fighting against numerous Indian tribes. He also led two expeditions into the Ohio Valley, which were considered highly successful by the British government.

Presidential Term Limits: George Washington established a precedent that limited presidential terms to eight years, a precedent that still stands today.

Declaration of Independence: In 1776, as a delegate from Virginia, he signed the Declaration


Interesting Facts about George Washington

interesting facts:

1) George Washington never told a lie. According to biographer James Thomas Flexner, he did not tell even a single lie in his entire life. Even when he went out of his way to avoid telling lies, he still couldn’t stop himself from telling half-truths like when he said that he had cut down a cherry tree when he was young and then admitted later that it was actually an elm tree!

2) George Washington was born on 22nd February 1732 in Westmoreland County, Virginia but there is no record of his birth at that time because it wasn’t recorded until six months later! His father died when he was just 11 years old but his mother raised him as a farmer and also taught him how to read and write by herself! He grew up as one of seven children in this family but only four survived childhood! He had two older brothers Lawrence and Augustine


Death Of George Washington

on December 14, 1799, George Washington died.

The cause of Washington’s death has been debated since his passing. Some historians believe he died of pneumonia, while others think he may have suffered from typhoid fever or acute epiglottitis.

Washington is believed to have had a lifelong struggle with malaria and hepatitis C infection (a blood-borne virus that causes liver inflammation). However, there is no conclusive evidence that either disease contributed to his death.

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