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Life of Abraham Lincoln

by Javed Pasha
Life of Abraham Lincoln

Life of Abraham Lincoln

Lincoln’s life was full of trials and tribulations.To reach his goals he worked hard. He never gave up on his dreams and he never allowed obstacles to get in the way of what he wanted.

He was a self-made man who believed in equality for all people, regardless of their color or religion. His legacy is one that will live on for years to come.

Now we will take a look at Life of Abraham Lincoln.


Childhood life of Abraham Lincoln

Abraham Lincoln had a rough childhood with financial difficulties and the death of his mother. But he was able to see opportunity in adversity and grow into a strong person determined to pursue education, despite the fact that it would cost him years of labor.


Middle age life of Abraham Lincoln

read at an early age and would spend much of the day reading by the fire.

Lincoln’s stepmother died when he was nine and he went on to live with his uncle Mordecai, who set up a business on the Kentucky frontier.

Lincoln’s life in middle age was largely spent working hard as a lawyer and politician. However, this is not to say that it did not have its own share of difficulties for him. For example, in 1842 he lost three sons within a few weeks of each other.

His son Willie had died from what we now know is typhoid fever while living in Washington DC and his two other sons did not survive either which lead Lincoln into a period of deep depression where he had suicidal thoughts after the death of their mother back in 1828 which led him further into despair during this time where


Education life of  Abraham Lincoln

The difficulties of Lincoln’s early life were compounded by the death of his mother when he was nine years old.

He is a self-made man who “earned” his education through hard work and self-study. As a child, he never attended school, but learned to read and write by reading newspapers and books.

Lincoln’s formal education ended when he was 10 years old, when most children were about to enter their third year of elementary schooling.


Abraham Lincoln achievements

Abraham Lincoln is one of the most iconic US presidents and is remembered for many things. The Civil War, abolishing slavery and the reconstruction are a few of his achievements.

Lincoln’s first inaugural address was a speech that sought to provide reassurance following the chaos of his predecessor’s administration.

He believed that “the mystic chords of memory, stretching from every battlefield, and patriot grave, to every living heart and hearthstone, all over this broad land,” would bind Americans together in unity.

Some of Lincoln’s most influential speeches were made during the Lincoln-Douglas debates in 1858. These debates were a significant part in securing Lincoln’s position as a major figure in American history because he expressed thoughts on slavery with clarity, honesty and gracefulness that hadn’t been seen before.

Life of Abraham Lincoln


Abraham Lincoln wars

Abraham Lincoln is considered by many to be one of the best Presidents in United States history. However, he was also a fierce warrior, who had to fight and defend his country against some of the most powerful opponents in the Nation’s history.

This section will discuss his role as a military leader and how he managed to lead his troops to victory over all odds.

The Civil War was a time when the nation was divided by two different ideologies and people were fighting for their beliefs. The war resulted in a lot of casualties, but it also created a sense of unity and patriotism among Americans.

Abraham Lincoln played an important role in the Civil War because he is the president who led America through this difficult time. He had to make many difficult decisions that would have significant consequences on both sides of the conflict.


Interesting Facts about Abraham Lincoln

Lincoln is one of the most well-known presidents in U.S. History. He is also the first president to be assassinated, which took place on April 14th 1865, just 10 days after he was elected to a second term in office.

16th president of the United States was Abraham Lincoln.

He is most famous for abolishing slavery.

He had a son named Robert who died at age 21 from typhoid fever.

He was a wrestler and can be seen on one of his wrestling cards with the nickname “The Rail Splitter.”


Death of Abraham Lincoln

The assassination of Abraham Lincoln occurred in the Ford Theatre in Washington, D.C., on Friday, April 14, 1865. John Wilkes Booth’s one-man attack killed Abraham Lincoln as well as permanently changing American history and global perceptions of self determination and justice.

There were many lessons learnt after this traumatic incidence where President survived being shot with a single bullet before travelling to Ford’s Theatre at Tenth Street northwest of the Potomac River to see ‘Our American Cousin’ on April 14th 1865.

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