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Augustus Caesar Accomplishments

by Javed Pasha
Augustus Caesar Accomplishments

Augustus Caesar Accomplishments

Augustus Caesar was a leader of the earliest Roman Empire. He was responsible for many accomplishments.

Despite being a legendary figure in history, the accomplishments of Augustus Caesar, one of the most influential man in history is often overlooked.

Augustus Caesar accomplishments led to a period people are calling the Pax Romana. However, the Augustus Caesar accomplishments were not limited only to the same era but previous reigns as well.


Augustus Caesar Founder Of The Roman Empire

Augustus Caesar was the founder of the roman empire. Augustus was born in Rome in 63 B.C. The date of his birth is uncertain because ancient historians disagree on whether it was September 23 or September 23, 63 B.C. Either way that fact makes him a Libra (Libra’s are born between September 22 – October 22) and he would have been a fiery whirlwind to deal with on a daily basis.

The roman empire had its first emperor, who was born in 63 b.c. to the famed gens caesar family. He rose to power after the assassination of julius caesar who, ironically enough, was the dictator of Rome at the time.

His birth name was gaius octavius, but he took on his great uncle’s (julius) cognomen and became known as gaius julius caesar – one of the most famous rulers in history.

Augustus Caesar Accomplishments


Augustus Caesar Initiated Religious Reforms

Augustus Caesar is celebrated for many accomplishments, but the greatest of these was his initiation of religious reforms. The work that he did to restore Rome, both in terms of providing security and improving the economy, was no small feat.

But with all of that he still found time to focus on improvements in religious practices throughout the city and empire, as well.

Augustus Caesar (23 September 63 BC – 19 August 14 AD) initiated a number of religious reforms. He confirmed the existence of the college of pontiffs and added three augurs; he put a priest dedicated to Jupiter up in every Roman legion; he founded the praetorship, and added various priestly offices as needed; he created the office of ‘curator’ to take care of buildings that had been vowed, and finally made provisions for a supply of grain for poor people at reduced prices.


Augustus Caesar Established Financial System

Augustus was not just a great Emperor as he continues to be regarded. He established the Roman Empire, after all. But Augustus was no dummy when it came to money, either.

In fact, his most enduring legacy is the fiscal system he instituted during his reign to help secure the Empire’s finances (interestingly enough).

Augustus Caesar established a financial system which was the first to incorporate a fully functional banking system. However, his dynasty failed due to his successors’ incapability to protect Rome from its enemies.

Augustus’ financial system (based on tax farming) was pivotal in transforming Rome from a city of brick to marble. His policies divided the empire into regional commands and increased employment by building numerous public works projects.


Augustus Caesar Abolished Private Tax Farming

In a series of laws enacted throughout the thirties, Augustus Caesar ABOLISHED PRIVATE TAX FARMING. A tax farmer was a Roman citizen who owned lands and collected taxes for the government.

The Lex Oppia of 215 BC prohibited a Roman citizen from possessing more than 300,000 sesterces of public land. The Lex Hortensia of 109 BC ended public land holdings by increasing the penalty to outlawry.

Emperor Augustus Caesar (27BC-14AD) is often presented as one of the first and greatest Emperors of Rome. Yet one rarely reads about how he made certain he could provide Roman citizens with free grain, free money and land to live on for life.

He was truly the people’s emperor, AND he made certain there were no taxes.


Augustus Caesar Expansion In Trade

The time of Augustus Caesar (30 BC – 14 AD) is referred as the Augustan epoch in Roman history. This period was not only the period of stability and prosperity of Republic, but also the golden age of Roman literature.

In the time of Augustus Caesar, many expansion in trade took place. Roman expansionism into Germany made trading boundaries far from the Mediterranean Sea. 


Augustus Caesar Massive Building Projects

Augustus Caesar was an ambitious emperor. So when he became the first Roman Emperor, he set out to reconstruct Rome in a way it had never been in all its history. To do so, he created an unbeatable team of Romans who were responsible to accomplish these MASSIVE BUILDING projects.

When we talk about building projects of massive measurement, the first figure that appears in our minds is the great Caesar Augustus.

The Historians say that he was a brilliant military and political leader who made big achievements such as the conquest of Egypt, Greece and Spain. He built roads, bridges, temples and even huge mausoleum which contained his sarcophagus.


Augustus Caesar Created Police And Fire-fighting Forces

Augustus Caesar was obsessed with order and control. He knew he had to do something about the chaos in Rome, which was the government center of the ancient world.

He wanted to stop fires from destroying important buildings since there were no fire-fighting forces at his disposal. This made him create the first official police and prison systems.

Augustus Caesar is one of the most influential leaders in history. In 63 BCE, he took over the reign of Rome. A lot has changed since then. Nowadays, police forces and fire-fighting squads are common across countries, states and cities in the world.

These law and rescue agencies are very important in their respective fields. Without them, organizations can suffer great losses in the event of a big fire breakout or an unplanned criminal activity. Augustus Caesar created police and fire-fighting forces to maintain a sense of law and order among citizens of Rome.


Augustus Caesar Other Achievement

Augustus Caesar was a one of the rulers during the period of transition between the Roman republic and Roman empire. He founded the Roman Empire, which kept its primacy in Europe till it was dissolved when Theodosius I ascended to the throne.

Augustus Caesar held a number of military commands, but his most famous achievement was his victory at the Battle of Actium in 31 BC, which marked the beginning of the Roman Empire, controlled by Augustus himself.

We all know that Augustus Caesar was one of the greatest rulers Rome ever had. The ambitious ruler wanted to bring peace and prosperity to the Roman Empire. As a result, he succeeded to carry out many social reforms as well as economic campaigns.

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