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Ashoka Life

by Javed Pasha
Ashoka Life

Ashoka Life

Ashoka life is very fascinating. He was a young prince who ascended to the throne at the young age of sixteen. He was also a witness to many of the terrible practices that characterized his father’s reign, including murder and torture.

His father’s reason for such inhumane practices was simple: he wanted to secure the borders of his kingdom. Ashoka believed that what his father’s practices needed were some humanistic principles, something worth living for and dying for.

That is why, when he came to power at the age of thirty two, Ashoka transformed into one of the most compassionate leaders India has ever seen.


Ashoka Childhood Life

Ashoka was born into an affluent and powerful family. His name was Ashoka Mauga, the son of a merchant that travelled frequently on business. He assumed the throne at the early age of 13 and led a life of a worldly prince until he was brought to the battlefield after hearing about his brothers death during war.

Ashoka, a child of the Maurya Empire and great-grandson of Chandragupta Maurya and his queen. The Royal Prince was raised by his nurse, Kautilya, who remained a strong influence on Ashoka all his life.

As the ruler of Magadha expanded and conquered other territories, Ashoka became an embodiment of the divine mission to conquer not just India but the world.


Ashoka Middle Age Life

Ashoka was heir to the Mauryan empire in India that had previously been dominated by his grandfather and father. Ashoka began to serve as the viceroy of the northern provinces of India when he was 16-18 years old.

He spent much of this time in battle, protecting the empire’s borders against foreign powers. Yet even at this young age, Ashoka showed a deep interest in and compassion for all living beings.

For example, instead of killing members of a defeated enemy tribe as was customary at the time, he gave them food and other supplies and sent them home to their families.


Ashoka Educational Life

A curious reader asked me today where the young prince Ashoka – one of Ancient India’s most famous rulers – got his education from. While we can’t be for certain about who trained him in the essentials of running a state, what is known is that his mother and/or mentor did teach him how to ride a horse, fight with swords, and wield weapons such as the bow and arrow.


Ashoka Wars

Ashoka was the greatest king of India. He ruled for 36 years and guided his kingdom towards prosperity and brotherhood. Ashoka is popular as an ideal ruler and a great warrior.

Ashoka tora war is a series of military conflicts in South Asian history. This conflict was mainly taking place between Ashoka and the Kalinga people from around 261 BCE to 236 BCE. In 261 BCE, Ashoka led his first military expedition to Kalinga and followed this up with numerous other campaigns.


Ashoka Achievements

Ashoka Maurya (304 BC to 232 BC) is a well-known personality in India who is still known for his reign and the strong foundations of governance he laid in his time.

Some of the Ashoka Maurya achievements since becoming emperor were setting up of trade centers, building and maintaining roads, efficient shipping network and encouraging the cultivation of crops like sugarcane, rice and cotton which brought about great changes in the economy of India at that time.

Ashoka Maurya got the Kalinga War fame and he also has done some great achievements in his life. The best known of them all is widely regarded as one of world-history’s largest peaceful transformations, the Edict of Pāṭaliputra, by which Ashoka renounced territorial conquest andvowed to rule henceforth according to Dharma.

This historic decree is inscribed on one side of the major earthen monument erected by Ashoka circa 250 BCE in present-day Pāṭaliputra (Patna).


Interesting Facts About Asoka

Asoka Maurya was a great ruler who practically shaped the Indian history. He was born in 304 BC and ruled over India during the 3rd century BC.

King Asoka Maurya is well known for his conversion to Buddhism and ensuing propagation of the religion. But there are many aspects about him that aren’t as well known.

Asoka Maurya was born in 304 BC and reined from 268 – 232 BC. He ruled most of the Indian subcontinent and remains a popular figure to this day. He ruled from Pataliputra, which is located in what is now Bihar, India.

In Pali language Asoka’s name is Asoka Maurya. His empire spanned all of the Indian subcontinent and beyond, stretching from present day Afghanistan in the north and Balochistan in the west to Bengal in the east. 


Ashoka Death

Ashoka Maurya death is an interesting topic. Ashoka Maurya was the third ruler of the Maurya Empire in India. He defeated the Greek King Seleucus during his invasion of the empire.

Not many details exist about Ashoka Maurya death, but historians have worked to piece together stories about his death and come to some conclusions about what might have happened.

There are no express evidences that show how Ashoka died at age 72, but some believe that he might have been assassinated by a Brahmin for showing interest in changing his religion from Buddhism to Hinduism.

Ashoka Life

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