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Aristotle Life

by Javed Pasha
Aristotle Life

Aristotle Life

Most people don’t realize this until it’s too late. Aristotle (384 BC-322 BC) was a Greek philosopher and scientist who insisted that time is the most valuable thing we have, so much more precious than all other commodities, yet we use our time so wastefully.

He was born in 384 BC and died in 322 BC.His father was a physician and his grandfather was a court physician to the King of Macedon. He was tutored by Phayllus who began teaching him at the age of 12. 

We must learn from Aristotle Life.


Aristotle Childhood Life

Aristotle was born in Stagira, a village in northern Greece. His father died when he was a child and this left Aristotle in a somewhat precarious position as far as his education was concerned; his mother was angry at her husband’s family for not providing more for their son.

They were forced to leave town and settle in the nearby island of Paros which is where Aristotle was schooled and began his career as a philosopher-scientist.


Aristotle Middle Age Life

Aristotle was born in the city of Stagira, Chalkidiki, in Northern Greece, bordering on Thrace. As a young man he studied at Plato’s Academy in Athens and then went on to teach there (at the age of 20).

When Plato died in 347 BCE Aristotle moved to Assos where he helped to establish a colony. From there he traveled with Xenocrates to the island of Lesbos, where he married and became a citizen of the town, and served as an official for ten years. Later he joined Hermias of Atarneus who ruled Atarneus after the death of his father.

Aristotle served as a member of the Macedonian court at Pella as the tutor for King Philip II ‘s son, Alexander III. 


Aristotle Education Life

Aristotle is an ancient Greek philosopher and scientist, as well as a student of Plato and teacher of Alexander the Great. While he was influential in many ways throughout his life, he did not create his most influential works until his late thirties. In addition to being a student at Plato’s Academy, Aristotle founded his own school, The Lyceum.

Aristotle got his education from the great thinkers that came before him. He was born in the city of Stagira, a town in Macedonia. When Aristotle was 17, Plato sent for him to come to Athens.

There he lived with Plato and other students of Plato who formed the first Peripatetic School. The name “Peripatetic” comes from the Greek word peripatetikos, which means “walking about”. Aristotle was not only a student of Plato’s, he also spent much time with his mentor’s teacher Socrates.


Aristotle Work Life

Aristotle is one of the most important figures in the history of Western philosophy. The Aristotelian corpus contains particularly influential works in the fields of metaphysics, epistemology, ethics, politics and his theories on art and perception.

He came from a wealthy family and his father was a famous physician at the time. Prior to becoming the Ruler of Athens, he served as a tutor for some children. During that time, he made a name for himself in the field of philosophy and contributed greatly to various studies during his period such as zoology and botany because of his interest to write about these fields and how they work.

Aristotle, one of the greatest minds in western philosophy, concerned himself with questions of order and purpose. He is famous for having defined the goal of human existence as ‘to seek happiness’.

In his Nicomachean Ethics, Aristotle (384-322BC) describes how humans achieve happiness. He understood that such a general problem requires a universal approach, and rejects any view that treats moral virtue as relative to individual people or cultures.

Aristotle Life


Aristotle Theories

Aristotle theories (also called the Aristotelian view) is a term used to describe a number of related ideas, which include the Aristotelian view of ethics and natural law, the teleological concept of final causation, an explanation of how agents can have free will in a deterministic universe and the belief that intelligent activity requires consciousness.

Aristotle theories are a feature of Classical Theory, which Albert Einstein use in his paper. To write papers,he used Socrates’s ideas of Aristotle as a foundation. Aristotelian theory is an explanation of every aspect of Human thought and action.


Aristotle Achievements And Inventions

Aristotle was 384-322 BC Greek philosopher who wrote hundreds of books. His pursuit of knowledge was completely thorough and in depth. He did not gather only general information, but investigated everything. In this article I’ll talk about his achievements and inventions so that you can learn more about this great man.

Aristotle (384-322 BC) is one of the most important and influential philosophers in the history of Western philosophy. He was a student at Plato’s Academy before establishing his own branch of learning. He contributed to many disciplines including metaphysics, logic, aesthetics and poetry.

Aristotle’s achievements have been variously identified by scholars whether as farmer, lawyer, professor and teacher, scientist , philosopher, etc. But it is agreed that whatever he did he contributed immensely.


Interesting Facts About Aristotle

Born between 384 and 373 B.C., Aristotle was a student of Plato and teacher of Alexander the Great and of many other influential historical figures from antiquity. His contribution to Western thought and science is vast, but surprisingly, there’s not much known about his personal life.

He is considered one of the greatest thinkers in the history of mankind. His contribution to philosophy and many branches of science (physics, zoology, botany, logic, linguistics etc.) is vast and highly influential. Aristotle changed the course of history in many ways.

While mostly known for his advancements in metaphysics, mathematics, physics and astronomy, Aristotle was also an astronomer, botanist, critic, epistemologist, logicist, moral philosopher, neuroscientist, physiologist, poet and scientist who exerted a profound influence on almost every branch of science and philosophy then known to mankind.


Aristotle Death

Aristotle, the great philosopher and polymath of the Classical Period, died 322 bc. He had been a close friend and student of Plato and is referred to as The Philosopher or The Philosopher of Greece. He made significant contributions to diverse fields and remains one of the few thinkers from antiquity that is still mentioned with respect today.

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