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Antoine Lavoisier Life

by Javed Pasha
Antoine Lavoisier Life

Antoine Lavoisier Life

antonie lavoisier was born in paris on 26th august 1743 he was the second child of jeanfrancois pavoisier a lawyer who had been awarded the priveledge of taking a name antoine was educated by his parents.

Antoine Lavoisier Life changed the life of future generations.


Antoine Lavoisier Childhood Life

Antoine Lavoisier, who is considered by many to be the father of modern chemistry and whose international collaborations represent among the most enduring partnerships in the history of science, was born on August 26, 1743, in Paris.

His family was wealthy and had a long standing tradition of telling tall tales, which he would do throughout his life. Lavoisier’s mom died when he was still just a child; his dad remarried and had several children with her. This wife taught Lavoisier how to work hard, set goals and also made him love literature and art.


Antoine Lavoisier Middle Age Life

Antoine-Laurent de Lavoisier’s full name sounded impressive. It stressed his position as son and grandson of royal revenue farmers. His given names pay tribute to family and mentors. Antoine for an uncle, a generous sponsor of the boy’s education.

Antoine lavoisier , The son of a wealthy family he received much attention from his parents as a child. As a schoolboy he showed a distinct interest in science, especially chemistry.

Upon graduation from the College Mazarin in 1761, he attended talks on chemistry by the well-known academic Macquer. Lavoisier studied the properties and uses of the metals lead, copper and iron and in the process of his research invented new methods of analysis.

Lavoisier was educated in Paris, receiving a law degree in 1761 and a medical degree in 1768. He showed aptitude for experimental work at an early age. In the late 1750s, he joined several academic clubs and maintained a scientific correspondence with Jean-Baptiste Biot, the noted French mathematician.


Antoine Lavoisier Educational Life

Antoine Lavoisier was born to a wealthy family of Paris on August 26, 1743. He was educated at the College Mazarin in Paris where he studied chemistry, botany, astronomy and mathematics among other subjects.

In 1754, Antoine Lavoisier was admitted to the Academy of Sciences. The following year, at only 21 years old, he published his first work.

Titled Observations on Air, the book included a number of experiments explaining new findings and theories demonstrating that air is composed of two parts: a portion that supports combustion but does not support respiration (oxygen) and a portion that supports respiration but not combustion (nitrogen).

Lavoisier also made discoveries in chemistry. In 1772, he demonstrated that water is an element and discovered hydrogen. Seven years later he isolated oxygen from air and proved it was indeed an element. Through these studies, along with working alongside fellow French chemist Pierre-Simon Laplace (1749–1827), Lavoisier disproved the theory of phlogiston.


Antoine Lavoisier Work Life

Antoine Lavoisier was a French nobleman, healer and scientist who is generally seen as having laid the foundations for modern chemistry. He unraveled the role of oxygen in combustion and demonstrated that combustion, respiration, calcination and rusting are all types of oxidation,

Lavoisier separated the components of water and utilized several methods to study their chemistry. As part of his analyses of the process of combustion, Lavoisier described the formation and characteristics of a new gas, oxygen. Lavoisier is considered to be a pioneer in chemistry.

Lavoisier’s work helped bring about the chemical revolution, and his theories formed the basis for the science of modern chemistry.”

Antoine Lavoisier Life


Antoine Lavoisier Theories

Antoine lavoisier was a French aristocrat and chemist, who was considered the founder of the modern chemistry. Antoine lavoisier is called as the father of modern chemistry. He had formed Oxygen with his friend Pierre-Simon Laplace while they were working together to understand how water forms from oxygen.

Antoine lavoisier is known for his theory on how air affects the combustion of materials and how we can use the collected gas to our advantage.

Lavoisier contributed to the downfall of a debunked theory called phlogiston. This discredited theory claimed that a substance called phlogiston gives combustible things (basically everything) their properties. When something like wood burned, it was called combustion and its phlogiston was released.


Interesting Facts About Antoine Lavoisier

Interesting Facts About Antoine lavoisier. Antoine-Laurent Lavoisier (1743 – 1794) was a French chemist who also did much to reform scientific methodology, and was considered to be the founder of modern chemistry. He is famous for his law of conservation of mass.

He also identified and named hydrogen, oxygen and nitrogen. His experiments established the concept of conservation of matter.

He fathered the metric system, supported a reform of the calendar and, by his beheading during the French Revolution-one of the most celebrated martyrdoms in the history of science Antoine Lavoisier is known as the father of modern chemistry


Antoine Lavoisier Death

Antoine-Lavoisier died on 8 May 1794, just before his 50th birthday. He was tried, convicted and guillotined, with the execution taking place on the Place de la Revolution in Paris. Lavoisier’s last words were to his interpreter: “Them’s the last words of a great chemist.”

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